Preserving value
with conservation

Sealing with oil and wax. So that rust doesn’t stand a chance.

When it comes to the long-term conservation of your vehicle, the floor construction is particularly decisive. Even the smallest amount of condensation caused by daily fluctuations in temperature in the garage can go unnoticed and lead to extensive damage. At SCHAD Originale, we use a multi-stage procedure and the highest-quality products to stop the corrosion process and protect the structure of your vintage Porsche against rust forever. That way, you can enjoy that unique Porsche driving experience safely for decades to come.



Step 1: Pre-treatment with dry-ice blasting

The entire underbody is cleaned and prepared for the subsequent treatment. This process removes any old sealings or loose rust completely. The dry-ice treatment also allows us to assess the undercarriage’s current state. Furthermore, we use an endoscopic examination to check all cavities and to accurately document the current condition.

Konservierung mit Oelen und Wachsen


Step 2: Conservation with oil and wax

The entire underbody and all cavities are sealed with a combination of oils and waxes specially tailored to your vintage car. First, we apply the oil. The next step is the application of a wax, which fixes the seal. This process is carried out by hand and requires the highest level of accuracy. This approach only requires a limited amount of disassembly whilst offering the best possible protection against corrosion.

Kontrolle Endoskopie


Step 3: Check

Once the sealing process is completed, we carry out another endoscopic examination to check the results and document our work. So, you can be sure that every last crevice of your car’s underbody is permanently protected against corrosion.