Your Porsche. A Complete Work of Art.


Each Porsche has its very own story to tell. The model, construction year, colour, motorisation – they all reveal a great deal about these sports cars that stay forever young. However, the technical details aren’t the only factor that determines the driving experience on the straights and the curves; you are too.

This is the reason why we begin every consultation by going for a spin in your Porsche together. That way, we not only get to know your vintage car, but we also learn about the demands you put on your engine, suspension, and transmission. We examine your vehicle from the bottom up and outline various repair options.

No matter whether you simply want to drive safely, get your Porsche ready for the next race, or present it in its full perfection, our team at the Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop will work with you to find the best path to take – fully dedicated to your automotive work of art, using their technical expertise and passion for detail to get the best results.

Overhaul of the engine, transmission, and suspension

Even the best technology needs regular care. Our team of technicians specialises in the diagnostics, maintenance, and repair of these fine racing cars. They are on hand to meticulously restore the engine and transmission in your historical Porsche, from an air-cooled 356 to a modern classic. Learn more


Authentic reproduction of historical car bodies and frames

Working to the highest level of precision in our own workshop, we handmake reproductions of parts and components that are no longer available. Our coachbuilders are virtuosos of this highly demanding craft and can reproduce any form, no matter how complex, creating an accurate replica of the original. Learn more


Lifelong anti-corrosion protection

We use a combination of oils and waxes, specially designed for your vehicle to provide your prized vintage car with long-lasting protection against corrosion. We seal newly reproduced bodywork with our patented Oldtimer-Ro-Dip process, the best anti-corrosion protection for vintage bodywork worldwide. Learn more

What our customers say

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