“Said. Done.”

“We still use a handshake to deal the deal; we’re a little old-fashioned that way,” says Uli Günster, Manager of the Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop at SCHAD Originale. He and his team are even more diligent when it comes to the completion and documentation of their work. “When a customer arrives, we’re prepared. We show them the dismantled parts, explain exactly what we’ve done, document it all with photos and videos and take all the time needed to answer any questions. For us, that goes without saying.”

Uli Günster, Manager Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop

We are always there for you.

SCHAD Porsche Oldtimer Stefan-Mesecke
Stefan Mesecke, year 1964,
automotive mechanic, spent many years working as a service technician. He is the racing driver of the team and loves a challenge – whether it’s the GT2 that he is continually working on or a particularly tricky technical question. This is how he summarises his limitless passion for Porsche technology: “If it was made by Porsche, it is perfect. It’s the measure of all things.”
SCHAD Porsche Oldtimer Petra Senzel-Gronau
Petra Senzel-Gronau, year 1966,
is the pioneer in the team. As early as 2004, the business economist was developing structures and processes for SCHAD Originale to ensure the most effective customer and quality management – that is where she discovered her passion for the trade. In 2011, she became the first woman in Germany to complete the vocational training course as a “Specialist in the restoration of historical vehicle bodies.” After a short excursion to work in a business consultancy, the passionate consultant is back to uphold the high standards at the Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop once again.
Uli Günster, year 1966,
master automotive electrician and more of a calm driver, spent 15 years at Bosch juggling with cable looms in precisely the types of Porsches that now come through the workshop doors at SCHAD Originale as vintage models. Ever since his time as the manager of a large vehicle service station, he has always put his customers first. And he continues to do so today. His wide-ranging experience, warm personality typical to his home in the Rhineland region, and a soft spot for vintage cars make him the perfect fit as the Porsche Vintage Car Workshop Manager at SCHAD Originale.

The Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop is the newest addition to the SCHAD Originale family.

Bernhard Schad was already repairing Porsches back in the early 1980s for the generals of the US army station in the Rhine-Main region. Today, these models are classics, and the workshop team puts their heart and soul and years of experience into maintaining them in the Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop in the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt-Fechenheim.

Out of a Passion for Cars

Since opening his first workshop in 1985, Bernhard Schad and his team have specialised in the technology, restoration, and conservation of historic vehicles. Today, SCHAD Originale employs more than 50 team members in two locations. The Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop is yet another confirmation of his passion for motor cars and handcrafted perfection.