Perfectly tuned. To You.


It is not only a Porsche’s beautiful appearance or sound that fascinates us. The engines and frames of these German racing machines are legends in themselves. They create unparalleled handling dynamics. We want to ensure that you can enjoy this unique Porsche driving experience whenever you like, so our team of technicians take care of the maintenance and any repairs that your vintage Porsche needs. And adapt the technology to suit your wishes.


100-point Porsche check-up


Our 100-point check-up for vintage Porsches lays the foundation for our technicians’ work. But we don’t stop there. The condition of the undercarriage is decisive for the preservation and safety of your vehicle. This is why we add an endoscopic examination to the technical check-up, where we take a detailed look at the underbody’s cavities. That way, we can paint a comprehensive picture of the condition your vehicle is in and consult you on possible measures to ensure the long-term preservation of your vintage Porsche.


If you opt for a revision or repair in our Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop, our technicians will get straight to work. The team will put their years of experience, passion for vintage cars, and utmost care into repairing and optimising your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and suspension until it runs soundly and faultlessly. If the engine needs to be sealed, the team will start by taking it apart and removing the old sealant layer by layer. The new seal set won’t be fitted until every last surface has been cleaned to perfection. Our Porsche Vintage Car Restoration Workshop team also put their heart and soul into locating replacement parts; they use original Porsche parts or replicas based on original plans wherever possible. After all, your original should stay an original.

Revision Porsche Targa 3,0l SC, year 1982
Photographic and video documentation


We use photos and videos to document your vehicle’s original and new condition so that you have your vintage Porsche’s repair history whenever you might need it. You will receive a USB stick with all the documentation for your personal records as soon as our work is done. We use the documentation and any removed parts to take you through the work we’ve done step by step. This gives you an extensive insight into the technical correlations and your vehicle’s current condition. You’re welcome to take a look during the repair work, too. The doors to our glass workshop are always open to you.